The MENTOR Initiative: A History of Emergencies ...

The MENTOR Initiative has been at the forefront of Natural and Humanitarian Emergencies throughout its lifetime. From the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in Indonesia, Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar in 2008, the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, and most recently in response to Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, MENTOR has been delivering Integrated Vector Management programmes to some of the most at-risk populations around the world.

Current Emergency Programmes

The MENTOR Initiative have been working in Mozambique since the impacts of Cyclone Idai became apparent. Maximising on various partnerships including the Ministry of Health, USAID/OFDA, Tchau Tchau Malaria, The MENTOR Initiative have already achieved significant results in preventing and protecting the most at-risk populations from malaria and other vector-bourne diseases, as well as improving other key health care and well-being markers.

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First update – May 2019

Second Update – June 2019

Malaria in Yemen: A Needs Assessment for International Organisation for Migration

In 2017, as the civil war in Yemen spiked in intensity and the practical realities of a protracted conflict upon the civilians came to the forefront of international news, the International Organisation for Migration commissioned the MENTOR Emergency Team to finalise a Needs Assessment on Malaria Control in the country. This task was undertaken as an advisory exercise, with MENTOR making recommendations to IOM on “how to achieve maximum impact on malaria country with limited financial means”, taking feedback from a range of different stakeholders including  the World Health Organisation, WHO National Malaria Control Programme, and IOM. The draft-report and subsequent recommendations were then field-tested by MENTOR staff in Yemen, presenting the work to local stakeholders, NGOs, and authorities.

Click here to read the Malaria in Yemen: Needs Assessment 2017

Mentor in Mozambique

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