The HQ Team

Adrian Connelly,
Recruitment, Training and Programme Manager

Alice Cowley,
Technical Manager

Benjamin Willis,
External Communications Manager

Darvin Scott Smith,
Non Executive Director

Elaine Crooks,
Grants Support Officer

Fatima Ahmed,
Programme Manager

Fiona Vincer,
Programme Manager

Fisnik Mula,
Grants Manager

Gareth Williams,
Non Executive Director

Géraldine Druot,
Grants Manager

Hans van Dillen,
Emergency Response Coordinator

Hendrik Sauskojus,
Programme Management Officer

Ian Larkham,
Finance Director

Jo Barret,
Technical Officer

Katie Sears,
Head of Planning and Development

Lis Montserrat,
Programme Manager

Laurienne Dubost,
Grants Manager

Mark Hewitt,
Grants Manager

Nina Sidibe,
Grants Officer

Paul Jobson,
Non Executive Director

Richard Allan,
CEO and Director

Richard Bretherick,
Senior Emergency Response Officer

Rory Lightfoot,
Emergency Response Officer

Sarah Wharton,
Consortium Manager

Sergio Lopes,
Programme Manager

Sian Yates,
International Procurement and Programme Support

Swati Srivastava,
Finance and Administration Assistant

Thomas Stewart,
Programme Manager

Wendy Courtenay,
Finance Consultant