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December 2019 Ghada Muhjazi, Albis Francesco Gabrielli, José Antonio Ruiz-Postigo, Hoda Atta, Mona Osman, Hyam Bashour, Atef Al Tawil, Hania Husseiny, Rasmieh Allahham, Richard Allan Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Syria: A review of available data during the war years: 2011–2018 PLOS NTDs
November 2019 Djerandouba Yotobumbeti Ferdinand, Bessimbaye Nadlaou, Nzalapan Samuel, Bekaka Youlet Oscar, Mbailao Raphael, Ndoua Christophe, Sergio Lopes, Richard Allan Evaluation of the effectiveness of community health workers in the fight against malaria in the Central African Republic Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
October 2018 Sergio C. Lopes, Rukaaka Mugizi, João Esteves Pires, Fernando David, José Martins, Pedro Rafael Dimbu, Filomeno Fortes, Joana Rosário, Richard Allan. Malaria Testing, Treating and Tracking Policy Implementation in Angola: a retrospective cross- sectional study to assess the progress achieved after 4 years of program implementation. Poster Presentation
October 2018 Khalid Rehman, Julia Walochnik, Johannes Mischlinger, Bodour Alassil, Richard Allan, and Michael Ramharter. Leishmaniasis in Northern Syria during Civil War Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
October 2017 The MENTOR Initiative for IOM (funded by Middle East Response grant from The Global Fund): Malaria in Yemen: Needs Assessment International Organization for Migration
September 2017 Laura Ruckstuhl, Christian Lengeler, Jean Méthode Moyen, Helle Garro, and Richard Allan. Malaria case management by community health workers in the Central African Republic from 2009-2014: overcoming challenges of access and instability due to conflict. Malaria Journal – BioMedCentral
March 2017 Theodoor Visser, Katia Bruxvoort, Kathleen Maloney, Toby Leslie, Lawrence M. Barat, Ricard Allan, et al. Introducing malaria rapid diagnostic tests in private medicine retail outlets: A systematic literature review. US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
February 2017 David Giesbrecht, Julie Pontarollo, Jonas Ecke, Sajid Kamal, Vincent Koko, D. Levi Hinneh, Oliver Pratt, Tuwuyor Belleh, Richard Allan. Novel active ingredient insecticidal wall lining for malaria control in Liberia: Results from a cluster randomized control trial. Poster presentation.
Dec 2016 Mark Rowland and Louisa A. Messenger. the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – The Saga of Malaria Control in Humanitarian Emergencies. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
 Oct 2016 Cristina Lussianaa, Marco Floridiab, Joana Martinho do Rosárioc, Filomeno Fortesd and Richard Allan. Impact of introducing subsidized combination treatment with artemether-lumefantrine on sales of anti-malarial monotherapies. A survey of private sector pharmacies in Huambo, Angola.  Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 
July 2016 Integrated Vector Management in Humanitarian Emergencies Toolkit. English versionFrench version
July 2016 Integrated Vector Management in Humanitarian Emergencies workshop PowerPoint slides- Bangkok. Other versions for Middle East and Africa IVM workshops are available. Please email [email protected]. Implementing Integrated Vector Management in Humanitarian Emergencies- PowerPoint 
2016 Mellor, Nicholas; Horton, Hetty; Luke, David; Meadows, Jon ; Chatterjee, Arunangsu ; Gale, Thomas. Experience of Using Simulation Technology and Analytics During the Ebola Crisis to Empower Frontline Health Workers and Improve the Integrity of Public Health Systems.  ScienceDirect
2016 Gale, Thomas C. E.; Chatterjee, Arunangsu; Mellor, Nicholas E.; Allan, Richard J. Health Worker Focused Distributed Simulation for Improving Capability of Health Systems in Liberia.  Journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare
2015 Luckett R, Mugizi R, Lopes S, Etossi RC, Allan R .The Role of Laboratory Supervision in Improving the Quality of Malaria Diagnosis: A Pilot Study in Huambo, Angola. Am J Trop Med Hyg.
2014 E Diggle, R Asgary, G Gore-Langton, E Nahashon, J Mungai, R Harrison, A Abagira, K Eves, Z Grigoryan, D Soti, E Juma, R Allan. Perceptions of malaria and acceptance of rapid diagnostic tests and related treatment practises among community members and health care providers in Greater Garissa, North Eastern Province, Kenya Malaria Journal MS ID: 6069653921431953
2014 G Gore-Langton, N Alenwi, J Mungai, E Nahashon, K Eves, F Njoroge, D Soti, W Akhwale, F Hassan, E Juma, R Allan. Patient adherence to prescribed artemisinin-based combination therapy in Garissa County, Kenya, after three years of health care in a conflict setting Malaria Journal MS ID: 9775347211404169
2014 G R Gore-Langton, J Mungai, N Alenwi, A Abagira, O Bicknell, R Harrison, F Hassan, S Munga, F Njoroge, E Juma, R Allan. Investigating the acceptability of non-mesh, long-lasting insecticidal nets amongst nomadic communities in Garissa County, Kenya using a prospective, longitudinal study design and cross-sectional household surveys Malaria Journal MS ID: 2127536612137224
2014 Peter Maes, Anthony D. Harries, Rafael Van den Bergh, Abdisalan Noor, Robert W. Snow, Katherine Tayler-Smith, Sven Gudmund Hinderaker, Rony Zachariah, Richard Allan. Can Timely Vector Control Interventions Triggered by Atypical Environmental Conditions Prevent Malaria Epidemics? A Case-Study from Wajir County, Kenya PLOS One
 2014 G Gore-Langton, J Mungai, N Alenwi, A Abagira, O Bicknell, R Harrison, S Munga, K Eves, E Juma, R Allan. Investigating a Non-Mesh LLIN amongst outdoor sleeping Nomadic Communities in Kenya.   American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. In-press
February 2014 Community health workers: to train or to restrain? A longitudinal survey to assess the impact of training community health workers in the Bolama region, Guinea- Bissau  Human Resoures for
2013 Malaria Control in Humanitarian Emergencies: An inter-agency field handbook (Second Edition)
February 2013 Community-based dengue source reduction interventions in two townships of Yangon region that significantly reduced entomological indices  WHO Bulletin Dengue Fever
September 2012

Human Antibody Response to Anopheles Saliva for Comparing the Efficacy of Three Malaria Vector Control Methods in Balombo, Angola

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Feb 2012 Cross-sectional survey of malaria prevalence in tsunami-affected districts of Aceh Province, Indonesia International Journal of Emergency Medicine
Dec 2011 Lack of patient risk counselling and a broader provider training affect malaria control in remote Somalia Kenya border Taylor & francis
Sept 2011 Adherence to prescribed artemisinin-based combination therapy in Garissa and Bunyala districts, Kenya Malaria
Nov. 2009 Poster Presentation – Impact of insecticide treated plastic sheeting (ITPS) on malaria related morbidity: A phase III double-blind cohort observational trial, conducted in an acute emergency phase refugee setting in Sierra Leone.
MIM Conference
Nov. 2009 Poster Presentation: Impact of Integrated Malaria Control Amongst Communities Displaced by Conflict on the Chad/Darfur, Sudan Border
MIM Conference
Nov. 2009 Poster Presentation: Malaria Prevalence in Tsunami-Affected Areas
MIM Conference
Nov. 2009 Poster Presentation: Assessment of BASF Interceptor® Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets in Eight Communities in Liberia
MIM Conference
Dec. 2006 Reducing the Burden of Childhood Malaria in Africa
Apr. 2006 Liberia – National Malaria Day
The MENTOR Initiative
2005 Malaria Control in Complex Emergencies: An inter-agency field handbook (First edition)
Dec. 2005 Lessons from the Tsunami Humanitarian Exchange
Nov. 2004 Best Practice for Malaria Control in Emergencies WHO
Jul. 2004 Interview with Richard Allan The Lancet
Jul. 2004 Medicine for Refugees The Lancet
May 2004 ACT – Treating Resistant Malaria  The New York Times
May 2004 Where does the buck stop? WHO
Jun. 2003 Cash & Crisis
Aid & Trade Journal
Jun. 2003 Malaria Control in Emergencies  Malaria Matters