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Date Article Title Publication Name & URL
June 2020 A Rapid Assessment of Severe Malaria Case Management Practices and Constraints in Angola Severe Malaria Observatory
May 2020 Tippy Taps used to Reduce the Spread of NTDs and COVID-19 in Angola The END Fund
December 2019 The 2019 Isdell: Flowers Cross Border Malaria Initiative Round Table: community engagement in the context of malaria elimination Malaria Journal
August 2019 UN/OCHA Humanitarian Update – Syrian Arab Republic UN OCHA
July 2019 WHO addressing leishmaniasis in high-risk areas of Syrian Arab Republic WHO Europe
July 2019 UN/OCHA Humanitarian Bulletin – Central African Republic  UN OCHA
June 2019

Ensuring Continued Health Care During Displacement in CAR

March 2019

J.C. Flowers Foundation Joins Zambian Minister of Health in Calling for Increased Community Engagement to Eliminate Malaria in Southern Africa

September 2018

The MENTOR Initiative: championing an integrated response to dengue outbreaks worldwide

July 2018

Deworming campaign covers more than 100,000 children in Zaire

Angolan Public Television (TPA)
May 2018

Cases of sandfly-borne skin disease surge in rebel-held Idlib as international funding dries up and sanitation services falter

Syria Direct
April 2018 Malaria-related deaths have increased by 100% in some places. (Pt.1) Fight Against Malaria
April 2018 Three changes we need to make in the fight against malaria. (Pt.2) Fight Against Malaria
April 2018 Malaria meetings garner support, shed new light on spread Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy
April 2018 Malaria in conflict zones threatens global progress against the disease Reuters
April 2018 Rethinking the fight as surge of malaria deaths in conflict zones threatens to upend progress EurekAlert
April 2018 Malaria in Huambo causes 751 deaths in the first quarter Jornal de Angola
April 2018 The hiding places of malaria in Africa El Pais
November 2017 Neglected Tropical Diseases, Neglected Communities, and Conflict: How Do We Leave No One Behind? Cell: Trends in Parasitology
November 2017 Children were dewormed with albendazole Jornal de Angola
November 2017 IFRC WASHcast: Episode 1 – Vector-borne diseases w/ Katie Eves (podcast) IFRC Media
October 2017 Danger in the rubble: fighting leishmaniasis in Syria WHO – Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office
June 2017 WorldLEISH 2017: A Post-Doc’s Perspective BioMedCentral
April 2017 Famine and Malaria – A Lethal Combination Media Planet – Malaria Awareness Campaign
April 2017 We are stronger together when tackling Malaria Media Planet – Malaria Awareness Campaign
April 2017 Syria’s ‘Aleppo boil’ spreads with refugees through the region Financial Times
February 2017 Leishmaniasis unleashed in Syria The Lancet 
September 2016 Too close for comfort.  Media Planet- Global Health Action 
April 2016 Fighting Malaria: a new way of thinking  Media Planet- Malaria Awareness Campaign
December 2015 Taking Risk is Essential in Fighting NTDs Media planet- Global Health Action
April 2015 Contagious skin disease spreads around IS headquarters ABC News (Sweden)
April 2015 Preventing multiples diseases by tackling dangerous insects Media planet – Malaria Awareness
April 2015 Treating the vulnerable in conflict zones should be the main priority Media Planet – Malaria Awareness
April 2015 Joined up thinking Media Planet – Malaria Awareness
April 2015 Revolutionary wall lining could provide a long term solution Media Planet – Malaria Awareness
December 2014 Ebola “I have lost everybody” – Liberia The Telegraph UK
December 2014 Just how hard is it to protect yourself from Ebola? The Telegraph UK
December 2014 How gaming technology could stop the spread of Ebola The Telegraph UK
December 2014 Charity appeal : the Ebola crisis will hit the flight against malaria – Liberia  The Telegraph UK
November 2014 British Ebola Doctor: ‘We can stop this epidemic of fear’ The Telegraph UK
April 2014 Treating the vulnerable in conflict zones should be the main priority Media Planet – The Independant 
February 2014 Community health workers: to train or to restrain? A longitudinal survey to assess the impact of training community health workers in the Bolama region, Guinea- Bissau  Human Resoures for Health
December 2012 Community-based dengue source reduction interventions in two townships of Yangon region that significantly reduced entomological indices  WHO Bulletin Dengue Fever
July 2012 LLIN durability in Eastern Chad The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Feb 2012 Cross-sectional survey of malaria prevalence in tsunami-affected districts of Aceh Province, Indonesia International Journal of Emergency Medicine
Dec 2011 Lack of patient risk counselling and a broader provider training affect malaria control in remote Somalia Kenya border Taylor & francis
Sept 2011 Adherence to prescribed artemisinin-based combination therapy in Garissa and Bunyala districts, Kenya Malaria
Nov. 2009 Poster Presentation – Impact of insecticide treated plastic sheeting (ITPS) on malaria related morbidity: A phase III double-blind cohort observational trial, conducted in an acute emergency phase refugee setting in Sierra Leone.
MIM Conference
Nov. 2009 Poster Presentation: Impact of Integrated Malaria Control Amongst Communities Displaced by Conflict on the Chad/Darfur, Sudan Border
MIM Conference
Nov. 2009 Poster Presentation: Malaria Prevalence in Tsunami-Affected Areas
MIM Conference
Nov. 2009 Poster Presentation: Assessment of BASF Interceptor® Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets in Eight Communities in Liberia
MIM Conference
Nov. 2007 Buzz Off Insect Shield to Work With MENTOR Initiative Snews
Dec. 2006 Reducing the Burden of Childhood Malaria in Africa
Apr. 2006 Liberia – National Malaria Day
The MENTOR Initiative
Dec. 2005 Lessons from the Tsunami Humanitarian Exchange
Jan. 2005 Malaria Worries in Tsunami Zone CBS News
Nov. 2004 Best Practice in Complex Emergencies WHO
Jul. 2004 Interview with Richard Allan The Lancet
Jul. 2004 Medicine for Refugees The Lancet
May 2004 ACT – Treating Resistant Malaraia The New York Times
May 2004 Where does the buck stop? WHO
Jun. 2003 Cash & Crisis
Aid & Trade Journal
Jun. 2003 Malaria Control in Complex Emergencies
Malaria Matters