NGBANE Auland is a 22-year-old housewife and a mother of 6 children, residing in the Gbadock commune of Bocaranga, sub-prefecture of Bocaranga

My child at 4, she has been sick for several months. Her feet and her whole-body swell, she makes diarrhoea. She has become sad and spends all her time crying. I brought her to the hospital where the nurses prescribed medicines we bought; but despite this she has a fever and her condition is only getting worse. She refuses to eat all the meals I give her. This is how the nurses asked me to bring her here to the paediatrics of the Bocaranga hospital where MENTOR provides support.
We have been here for 15 days and we have received medication and its condition is gradually improving. Here, the nurses told me that it is because my child does not eat well that she is sick.
When we arrive here, we take good care of ourselves. I received a bucket that allows me to keep the water to drink clean. MENTOR also gave us a big mat on which we sleep. The nurses gave me a blanket, a plastic kettle, a pot and soap to wash my child’s clothes.
The nurses give us advice every two days on how to feed my child.
I am given 5000 Francs (approx. USD$8.50) per day to feed us. With the care we have received here, my daughter’s health has improved a lot. Her swollen body came down; she’s eating normally, and she’s getting fatter.
I am happy that thanks to the action of MENTOR’s Nutrition project and its financial partners, my daughter has been able to get back to health.
Back at home, I will keep the advice of the nurses.
Thanks to MENTOR and the paediatric nurses for the good work they do, which saved my daughter.

FEIBIKO Tatiana is 28 years old, and a housewife residing in Gbadock

When I arrived in the service here, 10 days ago, my daughter could not see, she had trouble breathing. His whole body was swollen from head to toe. She did not eat and spent the time crying. We were well received and we feel good here. We were given a blanket, a bucket with a lid, a big mat, a kettle, a pot and some soap to wash and wash my child’s clothes and a car to play. We were also given 5000 Francs (approx. USD$8.50) per day to make us eat here.
When the nurses looked at her, they said she was not eating well, that was the cause of her illness. We were told that we will stay a few days here to receive the treatment.
Since my daughter received the treatment of nurses, her swollen body has come down normally. She started eating and found a smile. She started playing with her little car.
 The nurses give us advice every two days about the child’s diet.
I am very happy with what MENTOR is doing to bring children back to health.
I suggest that MENTOR continue its action in the same direction to save our children from malnutrition. I ask MENTOR to do more than that for our community.
Thanks a lot to MENTOR!

LEOULE Martine is 30 years old, a housewife, and a mother of 5 children, all residing in Ndim, commune of Ndim Sous-Préfecture of Ngaoundaye

It’s been a month since my five-year-old son is sick; he started crying, his body was heating up and he was having diarrhoea. He refuses to eat, and he begins to swell. I took him to the Ndim Sisters Hospital where he received treatment. The sisters prescribed medicine that his father bought, but his condition was getting worse. The sisters asked me to bring her here to Bocaranga Hospital for appropriate treatment.
I arrived here with my son 3 weeks ago. The nurses examined him and prescribed medication and told me that it is because my child does not eat good food that he is sick. With the help of MENTOR, we were given a bed with a blanket, a bucket with a lid to drink water, a mat, a pot, a kettle and some soap. For our meal, the nurses give me 5000 Francs (approx. USD$8.50) a day. He received a nice little car to have fun. The nurses give us advice every two days on how to feed my child.
Since we have been here, my child is better; he receives medicine and he begins to eat.
His swollen body became normal again. He started to have fun.
I’m happy and I thank MENTOR for helping me get my smile back.
Thanks again to the funders who allowed MENTOR to do everything they do for us poor people.
God bless you!